The Dizi in my Life (alternate version)

a compact concerto for solo Dizi (Chinese bamboo flute) and small string orchestra (4221).  This version of The Dizi in my Life was commissioned by the Asia Music Festival in Gwangju, Korea and first performed by Dizi virtuoso Zhang Wailing with the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble


AS 8.7.2

a short work for piano solo, commissioned by Kristofer Rucinski as part of the Scriabin Response Project, which is a series of works connected to the Etudes op. 8 by Alexander Scriabin.  This work is based on etude no. 7.  It is scheduled for performance in late 2016.


sizzle 丝竹

a compact double concerto in two movements for violin, cello, 20 dizis (bamboo flutes) and yunluo (set of 36 tuned Chinese gongs).


A video recording of the premiere at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing is available at:

The soloists are Benjamin Hoffman, violin; Natania Hoffman, cello; the conductor is Hu Biao and the ensemble is the Beijing Bamboo Flute Orchestra.

Huan Song Redux

a work for dizi (bamboo flute) and (Western) flute based on a piece of Chinese folk music. The original version of “Huan Song” (Happy Farewell) was arranged for dizi and Chinese Instrument Ensemble by dizi virtuoso Zhang Weiliang.  In my work, both the original melody and some of Zhang’s arrangement are utilized.  The two musicians are also asked to play two Chinese percussion instruments each.

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